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Are you a web hosting company who is looking to expand into VPS hosting but don’t want to deal with the large upfront costs and overhead associated with it? Are you looking to create VPS hosting accounts for your friends, family, or co-workers? Want to have a flexible solution where you are in control of how you manage and utilize your resource pool? Great news. Introducing URPad’s new VPS reseller plans!

Our VPS Locations

Easily access your resource pool and have access to create VPS instances in the following 5 different locations with ease:

– Los Angeles, CA
– Houston, TX
– Orlando, FL

URPad is the ONLY VPS reseller solution out there offering such a geographically diverse option for you.

All of our servers and IP addresses are 100% whitelabel. Perfect for reselling to your friends, family, co-workers, or even customers!

Check out these screenshots of our VPS reseller control panel below. This is your Reseller Home Page:

VPS reseller home page image

Manage Users/Customers:

Manage VPS Reseller users image

List Virtual Machines:

List reseller VPS image

Creating a Virtual Machine:

Create a new VPS image

Manage Virtual Machine:

Managing your VPS image

Ready to get started?

With our expertise, you can start making money by creating and reselling VPS instantly – with very little investment and overhead! Order one of our VPS reseller plans and you’ll be instantly activated! Contact us to get started!

  1. Kevin Grames says:

    I am currently setting up my hosting solutions using your reseller service. I just came across this part of your reseller program. What is the cost to us or do we just use the cost of your current vps plans and mark them up to the price we want to charge?



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