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About Us

Get to know the URPad.net team!

Company History

URPad.net has a long history and has had many owners. URPad.net was started in August of 2010 by Brian Oliver II. After running the company for less than one year the company made one of its most defining moves when Christopher Miller took over as owner of the company in July of 2011. With Christopher Miller at the helm he had produced "industry firsts", offering Budget VPS as low as $12 per year. After establishing URPad.net's first real customer base, with the help of Curtis Mann, Christopher Miller approached Root Level Technology in May of 2013 to transfer the companies ownership once more.

Root Level Technology soon after taking over developed a plan to increase the level of control and service they had over the company. Prior to taking over, all services were run on rented servers scattered around the world, Some of these servers were completed empty while some were oversold. Seeking to end the inconsistency of services, Root Level Technology made the tough decision to relocate the majority of its customer base. To accomplish this task however, there needed to be a large investment made into servers and equipment. Fast forward to today where now URPad.net has been placed into its permanent locations, Los Angeles and Orlando, with over $500,000.00 USD invested into its equipment.

While these moves have been a lot of work, URPad.net now benefits for the ability of offering more services at a moments notice. One of those features being DDoS protection, which all locations now have. DDoS protection has become one of the essential pieces of any internet based service due to the ease of launching a DDoS attack at any target. Root Level Technology is constantly working on improving URPad.net services by adding more features, monitoring servers 24/7, and increasing the size of the technician team.

Our Mission Statement

At URPad.net, we offer reliable VPS at prices everyone can afford. We understand the value of community in technology and try to foster that by offering great prices, helpful support and educational content. We are working towards building a better future for hosting and we want you to be a part of that. Join us.


URPad is an amazing company that I have been with since 2013 and I am very pleased with the services I have received from them. Their uptime is amazing and even when I need to contact their support I get a response within 5 minutes which is amazing and they are willing to work with you to solve any issues you might have. I highly recommend them.

- Jake L.

...Been with URPad.net for several years now and not had a single complaint whatsoever. Currently on a SSD VPS plan that suits my needs perfectly - provides the speed, storage and traffic quota necessary to run a web community site of about 10 000 members...Their tech support is second to none and never had an issue that wasn't resolved almost immediately. So - have been a happy camper for a while and would not hesitate recommending URPad to anyone looking for a great quality VPS!

- Nicholas Y.

It has been more than 2 years since I got my first vps from URPad. Their services are high quality and support is very quick to solve any inconvenience. They don't make excuses to solve technical problems. Problems in any service component were solved in same day if not in same hour. I don't have any plans to replace URPad's services.

- Said S.