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URPad.net No gimmicks, just performance.

  • datacenter
    Budget VPS
    Performance without the price you would expect
    Brand New Super-Micro Servers!
    1Gbps Connection on all Nodes
    24/7 Support Staff Available
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  • technology
    When you need the data transfer it'll be there
    Samsung Evo 840 Drives
    Hardware Raid 10 Configuration
    24/7 Support Staff Available
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  • Server
    DDoS Protection
    Stop the IT nightmares that go bump in the night
    Protection for all services in LA and ORL
    Up to 10Gbps Protection available
    Instant protection against DDoS attacks
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performance, affordable vps

High Performance

Lets face it, the hosting market is crowded. There are hundreds of other providers out there that you could choose. The reason you want to stick with URPad.net is the care we put into our system performance.
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Reliable Hardware

We’ve invested over half a million dollars into top of the line servers and networking gear. Our dedication to performance has led us to build an infrastructure you can rely on. Don’t put your business at risk by trusting second-tier hosting providers who don’t have the tools to get the job done.
24/7 support, pricing, good performance

Dedicated Support

Since being acquired by Root Level Technology, URPad’s support team has grown from just 2 technicians to a fully capable support staff. We strive to provide impeccable customer satisfaction on all fronts.

What's new at URPad.net

As the company is always changing and evolving to offer new products and services, we like to include you in on our latest events.
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Reliable DDoS Protection

Our Los Angeles facility is protected by Black Lotus DDoS protection. Have you ever had a server come under attack? DDoS is no match for Black Lotus. Try an LA-based VPS today!
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Sunshine State

In addition to our Los Angeles servers, we also provided hosting out of Orlando, Florida. In this facility, we have access to a solid Level 3 network and now include DDoS protection as well!
Choose your own server, how you want it

Choosing Your Server

Identifying the server that meets your needs can be a tricky process. At URPad.net, we’re here to help. Check out this guide we’ve created to help make the decision process easier.