Firstly, Happy Halloween! May you all receive lots of candy!

As most of you know, in an effort to provide you all the very best of services, we have made the very bold move of migrating many of you to our own facilities. We hope that you all understand that we are doing this with you best interest at heart. As always, our support team is available 24/7/365 to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

The Migrations:

We have been in the process of migrating thousands of your VPS’s to our new systems and we would like to thank you for your patience with us while we do so.  Our migration task is nearing completion, we still have a few nodes in  some locations which we are in the process of migrating so if you have not yet been migrated yet expect to be in the coming days.  We understand to some that it posses a major inconvenience which is why we took the initiative to offer pro-rated refunds to customers in our affected locations if requested before November 15th.

The Ticketing System:

We have seen a few complaints from people about submitting tickets to us and never getting a response back. This has only been reported a few times but we still want to investigate in case there is something we can do on our side. If you have not had a response to a ticket you submitted please send an email to and provide any information you may have.

Contest Winners being announced:

Yes, it is time to announce those winners. Some will get cash, some will get prizes, some will get mad… We are planning to announce those individuals first thing Monday Morning November 4th! We do apologize for the delay but we had more entries than we expected.


We want to provide you all with the best support possible and we thank you for your business,

The team powered by: Root Level Technology, LLC.