Blog improvement on WordPress is as easy as 1-2-3, all you have to do is install some plugins!

With thousands of these add-ons (free and premium), you can integrate some awesome features into your blog or website.

Here are 10 WordPress functionalities you may not be aware of, along with the WordPress plugins that make these things happen:


  1. Editing Website Front-Ends Live


Before publishing, you have to make sure everything is correctly formatted for your website’s front-end.

This task can be dragging as it requires constant trips between the back and front ends using the “preview” button.

Now, you can make things easier and write content on the front-end live by using the Live Composer Front-End WordPress Page Builder plugin.


  1. Locking Social Content


If you want more social shares for your content, then use the Social Locker for WordPress plugin.

With it, your visitors will be required to make a kind of small payment in the form of a social share (Likes or Tweets) to unlock your protected and premium content.

To ensure your visitors see this as a fair trade-off though, make sure that your content is good.

Complete with great animations, this plugin supports various social locker styles.


  1. Live Chatting


When running a company website, it is important to provide real-time customer service and one good way to achieve this is adding an online chat feature to your site, particularly the WP Flat Visual Chat plugin.

This plugin allows you to take charge of your live chat platform from within the WordPress dashboard, where you can see what pages your visitors are looking at and share with them specific website elements for assistance.


  1. Preloading


Your website’s speed is fundamentally important and although your site is already fast, you can still make your visitors’ experience better by making their wait bearable.

You can do this with the PrettyLoader Flat Page Preloader for WordPress plugin.

This feature displays stunning, animated spinners with stylish transition effects while your site is loading.


  1. Invoicing


This goes to freelancers out there whose payments do not hit their bank accounts and have to invoice their clients for it, which is quite a nuisance of a task.

Well, you can make it more bearable with the Advanced Client Manager for WordPress plugin, which lets you create and send professional invoices right from the WordPress dashboard.

With it, you can also track any outstanding invoices conveniently.


  1. Estimating Prices


Pricing can be super-straightforward for standard products. But it can be complicated and time-consuming for other services, like web design, where prices are based on a series of estimates.

To make the process more efficient, you can use the WP Estimation & Payment Forms Builder plugin and provide ballpark estimates.

This add-on uses sophisticated conditional logic, so you can offer a price estimate on demand for the user.


  1. Using Dashboard Themes


Most probably, as a WordPress user, you spend hours every day on its dashboard.

Though the WordPress back-end has been given a significant upgrade in its aesthetics, it can still get a little boring at times.

Now you can give your dashboard a radical overhaul with the Forest Revolution WordPress Admin Theme.

This will not affect your website’s live version, but makes the dashboard much better looking.


  1. Enhancing Credibility


Though you may have a great portfolio, your service still needs to be credible.

You can make this happen with the Teams Logos Testimonials Locations for WordPress plugin.

This all-in-one add-on allows you to add team profiles, client logo carousels and client testimonials to your site.

In fact, it can be your complete company showcase plugin, as it supports multiple templates, color schemes, beautiful CSS3 transition animations, image effects and other credibility-enhancement functionalities to your site.


  1. Animated Hovering


You can make your website more interactive with the Hover Effects Pack WordPress plugin, which lets you add eye-catching hover effects to your site’s images.

It also allows you to overlay text onto images, with different animations to choose from.


  1. Using Parallax Effects


In the past, a well-executed parallax effect, which makes your site more visually attractive, depends on the WordPress theme.

Now, you can add visually appealing parallax effects on any page of your site, even within your blogs, through the Parallaxer WP plugin.


With thousands of plugins available today, you will never go short when it comes to making your blog or website more interesting.


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